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- The period of aspirants: 6 month to 1 year needs to discern their will itself toward the religious life. We can accompany them by regular meetings and guidance. Like this, we can help aspirants to discern their vocations on their own.

- The period of postulants: 1 year needs to discern their will itself through the community life and prayer. In this period postulants try to have the experience of living with other brothers and get the insight of our charism. They can have the occasion of experience of other religious institutes as well. 

- The period of novitiate: 1 year is needed to live and to strengthen their belief in God and passion toward Jesus Christ.  

- The period of temporary vows: novices can pledge the first vows after concluding one year’s novitiate and its estimation. This way they enter into the period of temporary vows of 5 years. Brothers who pledge temporary vows should enrich their comprehension of Jesus Christ’s life and our institute’s calling. This period leads to the very final vows.

- The final vows: brothers who pledges final vows have the responsibility to lead the institute and its calling in the right direction. He should show his passion and individual example for the good of our institute for himself. Because he already pledged to live the religious life as one of our members in front of the Lord and the Holy Church, he should deny himself for the institute and the Holy Church. 


We are waiting for young aspirants to live for Jesus Christ with us.

Requirement for entrance: Aspirants should be baptized in the Catholic Church, after his baptism at least three years are to pass. They must be less age that 35 years old. They should be in a good health emotionally and physically. Plus they should have zeal to live in the community and to follow in the path of Jesus Christ.